About Us - The circle is now complete

The fundacle story began few years back in 2013 , when an unique event resulted in a faint idea about the actual product that it is today. The story has 2 parts to it. A chance meeting of Anim with a profoundly rich man, who casually told him, that he has really very limited opportunities to invest in this vast big world and he doesn't see any big idea, coming across to him which excites him enough, to invest in it. Some months passed by and an another meeting happened. This time in a small road side restaurant with one of his friends telling him about the great idea that he has got, but doesn't have enough money to implement it.

The thought striked like lightining in Anim's mind and the connection got completed. This was the birth of an idea of what we now know as fundacle.com. Years of research, hardwork along with many trials and tribulations followed the initial thought and fundacle.com saw the light of the day. Being first in many aspects, it offers unprecedented opportunity to connect the Investors and fund seekers such as Businessman, Innovators, Business sellers across the globe. Fully Conceptualised and Made in United States product, it aims to resolve the fundamental lacunas of fund raising and investing that exists today, not only at national level, but internationally too.

fundacle.com is truly , our tribute to this great nation and the world as a whole.

Why fundacle.com is needed globally. One World, One Platform?

It is a known fact that fund raising is a costly and cumbersome exercise worldwide. Fund raising consists of 4 parts, Self Funding, Debt, Equity and Crowd Funding.

Out of 100 Business Proposals referred to banks, 80 Proposals are declined due to unavailability of Income Tax Returns for last 3 years or CIBIL low rating or Business office being on rent or Businessman just recently started and doesn't have enough credit history to support his loan application.

Out of 80 Business Proposal which are declined by Banks or Angel Investors, VCs, 40 Business proposal die and with other 40 Business proposals, the businessman / innovator will sell property, gold or take high interest private loans and get into vicious cycle of getting trapped financially if business proposal does not click.

The whole idea of fundacle.com is to be a bridge for these 80 Business Proposals which are declined and act as a tool through which Businessman / Innovator can showcase their business plan in a more detailed way to investors worldwide which could be Financial Institutions, FDI Investor, Angel Investor, NRI and get funding, thereby becoming successful in carrying out their business plans.

Not only funding and investments, fundacle.com also supports business seller option wherein any business man who wishes to sell or exit his existing running business can put up a detailed proposal on our website and solicit interested buyers.

Financial Institutions Worldwide, NRI, Angel Investors. VCs and PE firms can register as Investor in fundacle.com and search business proposals which are posted in more than 800 business verticals.

fundacle Agent is an option for all Chartered Accountants, Investment Bankers, Individuals / Companies who can arrange money through different mediums or who can help people in drafting professional business plans can Register on our platform. Search fundacle.com agent is free service globally in 220 Countries to contact right person who will help businessman to make professional business plan and define proper approach to display business proposals.

fundacle.com is therefore, a financial networking platform for every human in its most true sense. The circle is now complete.