Golden F / Fundacle Business Page
Fundacle Business Page provide you unique platform to showcase your funding requirements through internet for free.

Option 1 - On your own company / personal website / app, by displaying “golden f” and link your Fundacle Business Page on your website similar to Facebook page link you give on your company website

Option 2 – Share on your Company / Personal Social Networking Sites / WhatsApp Groups Networking Sites

What is Fundacle Business Page?

When you post your business proposal on Fundacle you get the option to create your Fundacle Business Page, so all the detailed requirements which you have posted for investment are converted into Fundacle Business Page which is available through an online link.

For e.g. your Fundacle Business Page name could be , You need to give your Fundacle Business Page Link on Golden F logo on your website / app.

Start Raising Funds via Fundacle

Tell Your Story

Your business is unique, and only you can share your vision in a compelling way. Inspire investors through vivid descriptions, thoughtful analysis, photos, and videos that let them directly experience why you’re enthusiastic about your business.

Raise Capital

Engage with investors: answer their questions and provide regular updates. Raising capital is like a political campaign—only here investors vote with their wallets. To “win,” you must build and sustain a compelling case for your business.

Get Back to Business

Your company was backed by a group of investors because they share in your vision and believe you are going to be successful. Now, as you put their investment to use, you should put all your energy into proving them right.